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by LizKSupplyCo

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Bunny Ear Headband packs of material, these were created with Glitter Sparkle Studios  4" fold over headband layered Bunny ear die in mind-  https://www.glittersparklestudio.com/collections/dies/products/4-inch-fold-over-headband-layered-bunny-ear-steel-rule-die

These are designed to make it easy to to create a set of bunny ear headbands with our material and well-loved chunky glitter headbands! About 5 sets can be made from a pack. 

*These do not come pre cut and assembled*

Available in 2 color options: Snow White and Gray Glitz

Color Sets:

Snow White Bunny Ear Set: Mini Roll of Snow White, 1 sheet Blush Sparkle, and 5 Birthday cake Chunky Glitter Headbands

Gray Glitz Bunny Ear Set: Mini Roll of Gray Glitz, 1 sheet Blush Sparkle, and 5 Pastel Rainbow Chunky Glitter Headbands

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